Fight for your goals

Heya Team,

Long course season is pretty much over and we have had some fantastic results across all of our nation teams. We are so proud of you all!!

You have all put in a fantastic amount of work and have seen the results at the end of it all.

With that comes our new season and I know most, if not all of you are keen to nail this short course season.

So let’s get right to it:


Fight for your goals.

Because no one else will do it for you.

You can have the best coach in the world.

All the talent.

The physical gifts to go with it.

Parents who are supportive.


But it’s on you to show up at the pool today and fight for your goals.

You can easily fall back on the thought you aren’t talented enough.

Or that the 25m pool you train at isn't long enough.

Or that you are simply and forever will be unlucky.

You can spend a lifetime wishing things were easier.

Looking in the other lane, envious of the talents and skills of others.


Or you can look down that 25m lane and fight for your goals.

What you think you need isn’t what others have.

It’s not out there, something your future-self will find.

It’s already within you.

You just need to awaken it.


Wake up the fire in your belly and fight for your goals.

Excuses are easy.

Doing nothing is easy.

Waiting until you “feel like it” is easy.

Staying within the boundaries of your comfort zone is easy.

And fighting is hard.

Showing up to the pool and crushing it each and every day is hard.


But it’s still up to you to get where you want to be.

We can give you the tools, But...
It’s up to you to fight for your goals.

To show up.

To make the decision to be excellent.

See you poolside,

P.S. Being consistent in the pool is one of the toughest challenges swimmers face. Our practices are long and frequent, and our season is never-ending.

To conquer the inevitable dips in motivation that happen over the next season get started with a log book if you haven't already.

Writing out your goals and workouts has been shown to substantially improve performance.


Are you willing to go another day not swimming to your fullest potential?