At Coast Swim Club we aim to lay strong technique foundations early on in development, across all strokes, this includes swimming, dives, turns and underwater skills.

Our progressive swimming model allows your child to move to the next level as soon as they have attained the required criteria.

What squad best suits you?

Joining/Club Fees

  • Joining Fee: $50.00 + GST - (a one off fee that includes a swim cap)

  • Re-joining fee: $50.00 + GST.

  • Squad Fees: Click here

  • Administration Fee: $30.00 + GST per month invoiced quarterly, payable by Direct Debit

  • International Membership: $120 plus GST per year invoiced annually. This is applicable to swimmers training and competing overseas but who wish to maintain a NZ club membership, enabling them to be part of our team and compete at national meets e.g. NAGs and OPENS.

    • Guidelines:

      • Can swim with CSC squads while in NZ. Please email the Head Coach with applicable dates.

      • Must wear CSC gear at all NZ National meets e.g. NAGS and Opens.

      • Must wear a CSC cap when representing CSC at all NZ National meets.

      • Must wear CSC gear when receiving a medal at all NZ National meets.