Our Coaching Team



Head Coach

Steve Kent
EMAIL: stevenK@northernarena.co.nz

Steve has loved swimming all his life.

He believes that hard work, dedication and belief in yourself is very important, as well as enjoying training and racing! Steve coaches our Development and Excellence Squads, spending a lot of time focusing on performance athletes. He along with previous Head Coach John Gatfield, built the Coast Swim club from 87 members to over 250, now having a stand out junior programme, all the way up to pinnacle Olympic athletes.

  • NZSCTA NZ Rookie Coach of the Year 2015-2016

  • NZSCTA/ASCTA Bronze Qualified Coach

  • SNZ 'Next Generation Coach' 2016

  • 2012 London Olympian

  • 2014 Commonwealth Games relay finalist

  • 2014 Pan Pacific Champs NZ rep

  • New Zealand record holder 4x200 free relay

  • 2012 and 2014 Surf Lifesaving World Champion

  • World record holder for 200 obstacle race at 2014 World Champs

  • 2016 NZL Team Coach - Oceania Championships

Performance coach

Nick Salmon
EMAIL: NICKS@northernarena.co.nz




Development Coach

Jamie Isemonger

Swimming has always been Jamie's passion in life, starting swimming at a young to swimming and competing at an international level from 2009 .

From a coaching point of view Jamie strongly believes in developing the swimmers mindset and will power, which will help them to further their knowledge in the sport as well as in day to day life.

Swimming is regarded as one of the toughest sports out there. Jamie works hard to assist and encourage swimmers to over come any type of fear or emotion as he believes once an athlete/swimmer becomes fearless life becomes limitless.

  • Swam under South African national coach Graham Hill Training with Olympic Gold Medalist Chad Le Clos

  • Four time south African national age GOLD MEDALIST

  • Youth Common Wealth Games - 2 GOLD , 1 SILVER , 4 BRONZE

  • Accomplished Altitude Training programme in the United Arab Emirates


PERformance Coach

Tom Onley

Tom has been involved with competitive swimming from a young age. He loves seeing kids develop their skills, to not only be a better swimmer but also to be a better person. Learning to swim and becoming a competitive swimmer requires lots of focus and determination, which he believes can be used greatly in all aspects of life.

Tom Coaches the Coast Red Squad, working on developing his swimmers to be competitiveat a regional level as well as achieving the criteria of the Coast Junior squad. Tom is currently gaining NZ qualifications in swim teaching and coaching to be a full time coach in the future.

  • TOCS Qualified

  • Orewa SLS Club Member

  • Great Britain National SLS Team - Sanyo Cup 2016


Junior Squad Coach

Erin Bluck

Erin has been involved with coast swim club since 2001. She grew up as a swimmer for coast and is excited to be leading a new generation of swimmers as a coach.

She believes swimming develops the best attributes in a person; confidence, self-motivation, determination and discipline. Swimming is a complex sport. You’re part of a team but your performance is on you; training is challenging but mentally and physically rewarding; and the people surrounding you, pushing you harder and faster, are your competition and best friends. Erin believes swimming sets you up for life, physically and mentally.

As part of the coaching team, Erin is the Junior Nationals coach. Together they will be working towards being one of the top 3 clubs at Junior Nationals.

  • NZ Age Finalist

  • CSC Record holder